Standing Alone

   Although the world seems to promise that fulfillment can be found in pleasure and self-gratification, many young people come to realize this is not true.  They discover that the peace they really seek requires a Godly purpose in life.

   Standing Alone is a touching and dramatic motion picture of how Kim, a Christian wanting Godís best for her life, reaches for this purpose and peace. Her struggle involves one of lifeís biggest challenges -- to set a course that defies the demands for conformity that press in on everyone of us.  Standing Alone carefully examines the life changing effects of commitment to God, especially the irreversible consequences that follow true decision.

   Since all Christian youth must constantly face the question of commitment, this motion picture offers thought provoking insights to them, and to their parents, who will share in the ordeal of such decisions.  The impact of its pointed message compels every viewer to make a decision about... Standing Alone.

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